The Starfish Fund was founded based on the life experience of
Bill Cumming who, over the last 30+ years, as means allowed,
has given time, shelter, opportunity and money in service of
others. Now a part of
The Boothby Institute, the trustees of that
organization share in its vision.

Donors to non-profit organizations often feel that they are
“helping” the people to whom funds are given and do not
experience a sense of contribution to their own lives. While there
is no question that these funds contribute to the ability of Starfish
participants to get a leg-up in their lives, we ask that donors look
carefully to see and experience the value they are receiving from
that contribution. Our goal is for us to know that every starving
child, every life wasted in or after prison is the life of a person,
related to us. How their lives turn out directly contributes to the
quality of our lives.

Ultimately, it is our goal that the initial recipients of funds will
become the strongest of its contributors. We are deeply grateful
for contributions from every source.

The Starfish Fund is served by several “Advisory Voices” –
individuals who have graciously agreed to provide expertise in
their discipline and act as a sounding board for new ideas and any
challenges The Starfish Fund may encounter. At present, those
individuals include: Quin Frazer, Partner, Gardner, Carton &
Douglas; Richard Malley, Headmaster Emeritus Wilbraham &
Monson Academy; Michael Neill, author and coach; Matt Schuller,
MS, RHIA, Project Manager; Senator Ethan Strimling, Executive
Director, Portland West; Senator, State of Maine and Kelly
Williams, Co-Founder of Tiers To You.
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To read comments
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Person Can Do"
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Colin Barnicle noted
the following on his
program evaluation:
"The greatest value
of this training is the
constant repetition
of the fact that the
power to improve
our lives resides
within all of us."