What does it take be an contributor in The Starfish Fund?
A willingness and desire to do so! There are no levels of commitment. No
specific criteria or amounts. Anyone can be a contributor! In fact, the
Starfish Fund will thrive when the idea of being involved becomes
absolutely irresistible. Imagine getting updates on individuals who receive
awards from The Starfish Fund – on the choices they’ve made, lessons
learned, their successes. Imagine The Starfish Fund growing leaps and
bounds based on word of mouth and being able to offer multiple awards
each month. Imagine contributors choosing to commit funds and their
expertise. Imagine recipients of The Starfish Fund becoming contributors
and providing others with the same opportunity they were granted.
Imagine scarcity is no longer an issue.

Please click on the secure Donation button above to make your
contribution now using your credit card. Just enter the amount you'd like
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your contribution within 24 hours and also provide a receipt for your
donation. If you prefer to make your contribution by other
means (personal check, cashiers check, etc), please send those
Contributions to The Starfish Fund, c/o The Boothby Institute, P.O. Box
304, Litchfield, Maine 04350 or contact us directly at 207-
582-2405 or by
email at info@thestarfishfund.com.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and support! Namaste!
Contributor's Page
"Loving Kindness,
grace and dignity can
be given and
received at any time.
When a person
knows they are loved
and powerful enough
to make choices that
allow them to take
charge of their lives
they feel alive in a
new way.

Albert Boothby, my
high school history
teacher and mentor,
taught me the joy of
serving. He told me to
expect to be
contributed to
beyond my wildest
dreams. The Starfish
Fund is a way for us
to share what we
have experienced
and bring together as
many resources as
we can create so that
every child knows
this well.

I wonder why the
early participants in
The Starfish Fund
are as, if not more,
interested in
investing in others as
they are in bringing
their own dream to
fruition? Is it just
possible that well
people want to
contribute, naturally,
because it feels so
good to be of use?"

-Bill Cumming
The Starfish Fund
P.O. Box 304
Litchfield, ME 04350
T: 207-