Over the years, we have found that in addition to knowing that they
are loved and powerful enough to make great choices in their lives,
from time to time, people need tangible assistance.  For some, it
has been a place to regroup when their home situation was
intolerable or abusive, for others, a few hundred dollars a month to
make the money meet the end of the month.  For a few, it was a car
that actually ran.  For others it has been a way out of poverty of the
spirit or the pocketbook and into a new life.

What is the Starfish Fund?
The Starfish Fund (TSF) intends to create a source of “leg-up” funds for
people looking to claim or reclaim their lives. Recipients of funding are
expected to contribute back to the fund over their lifetimes so that
ultimately there will be an ever expanding source of funds. To learn
more about the journey's of two of The Starfish Fund recipients, please
click here. To learn more about the The Boothby Institute, click here.

How does it work?
Initially, for those of us whose lives have afforded an abundance of
tangible assets, this is an opportunity to use money in a way that
supports our global family. What we are able to achieve can only be
limited only by what we choose not to share.

Is this a non-profit organization?
Yes. The Starfish Fund is a program of The Boothby Institute, a non-
profit corporation (501(c)3 application in review process) committed to
supporting people and institutions in creating lives of value, purpose, joy
and contribution. Contributions to The Boothby Institute and The Starfish
Fund are tax deductible.

How does one apply to The Starfish Fund?
Applications for The Starfish Fund will be accepted four times
throughout the year. The application process is designed to be a
rigorous process of self-examination, intention clarification and long
range planning. To learn more about the application process, please
click here.

How may I make a contribution to The Starfish Fund?
First of all, we are thrilled – thank you! Please click here to visit our
contributors’ page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We invite you to
send questions and share the site with others. By nurturing
ownership, responsibility and providing resources as possible, The
Starfish Fund works to create workability for all of us.
The Starfish Fund
P.O. Box 304
Litchfield, ME 04350
T: 207-582-2405
The Starfish Fund
A program of The Boothby Institute
One day, a couple was
walking along the
shore and saw a
human figure in the
distance moving like a

As they came closer,
they saw that the
figure was that of an
old man and he wasn’t
dancing at all.

“Good morning!” the
woman said.  “May I
ask what it is that you
are doing?”

The old man paused,
looked up, and replied
“Throwing starfish
into the ocean.”

“Why?” she asked,
looking out across the

The old man smiled,
“Because the sun is
up and the tide is
going out. If I don’t
throw them in, they’ll

The woman looked
over at her husband
and then back at the
old man. “But do you
realize that there are
miles and miles of
beach and there are
starfish all along every
mile? You can’t
possibly make a

At this, the old man
bent down, picked up
another starfish, and
threw it into the ocean
and said “It made a
difference to that one!”

– An abbreviated and
adapted version of The
Starfish Story by
Loren Eisley