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"As many of you know, Al and Alice Boothby had a profound
impact on my life. While there were many facets of the
relationship and huge opportunities for me to participate in life,
the essence of it boiled down to the fact that the Boothby’s
were spectacular mentors.  I knew I was valued and loved.  
They also challenged me to become a participant in life as
opposed to a spectator.  

I will never forget Al saying to me one day in my Sophomore
year of high school, 'there are only two choices in life, get
engaged with the solutions to problems in the world or spend
your life trying to ignore what you know to be the truth.'  The
nature of my relationship with the Boothbys and the areas of
contribution within that relationship have helped us shape The
Boothby Institute.

I am deeply grateful for those who have stepped forward to
serve on the Board of Trustees of The Boothby Institute (listed
on the left), the legal home for The Starfish Fund."
                                      - Bill Cumming
The Boothby Institute Board
The Starfish Fund
P.O. Box 304
Litchfield, ME 04350
T: 207-582-2405
Senator Paula Benoit,
Phippsburg, Maine   

Dr. Mike Cormier,
Wilton, Maine, Chair
Superintendent of
Schools, MSAD #9

Sally Hennessey, West
Bath, Maine, Secretary
Retired Director of
Programs, Northern
Region, March of Dimes,

Steven Ives, Lawrence,
CEO, Merrimack Valley

Sandy Vilas, Marana,
Arizona President,

Hammie Ward, Houston,
Regional Sales
Coordinator for AFLAC

George Burns, Portland,
Partner, Bernstein,
Shur, Counsel of Record