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Given your answer to the previous question, what amount of money do you feel you need
from The Starfish Fund to be successful?
Please list the ways you have already attempted to achieve this goal to date.
How will what you wish to accomplish positively impact the world?
What is one thing that you are most proud of in your life and why?
Describe a difficult period in your life and how you got through it.
What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself and why?
What three words best describe you and why?
What "work" have you done in terms of your own self-development and personal growth?
Why should you be chosen for The Starfish Fund?
Please list contact information for three people we may contact who support you
unconditionally, no matter what, no questions asked (ex: name, address, phone number,
e-mail, etc.).
Please provide us with information you feel will give us a sense of your financial situation
(ex: income, bank statements, etc.). This is may be mailed to us at the address below.
*The request for financial information will not be the determining factor on whether or not
an application is accepted or denied. We are however attempting to assess the availability
and accessibility of funds for each applicant. For example: does the applicant own
property and has he/she used that in service of their goal? Does the applicant have a
strong support system (family and friends) with whom they could contact for financial
You have just completed the application for The Starfish Fund. By submitting an
application, you are making a commitment, if chosen, to:

  • Have participated or agree to participate in “What One Person Can Do”; a twelve
    week program regarding the capabilities that reside in all people, the experience of
    loving-kindness, ownership and responsibility.
  • If looking to start a business, develop a business plan with the assistance of S.C.O.
    R.E. (Service Corps of Retired Executives).
  • Agree to submit a personal income statement each month and if they are starting a
    new business, a profit and loss statement each month as well.
  • Agree to work with a coach on a regular basis in pursuit of their goal as identified
    on their The Starfish Fund application.
  • Encouraged to contribute ten percent of their earnings in perpetuity to The
    Starfish Fund so that others may have the same opportunity as they have had.

Our commitment to you is to carefully review and consider each application (applicants
may be contacted during the review process for additional information). We will work
closely with those selected and provide the “What One Person Can Do” conversation
(where appropriate), coaching support on a regular basis and do our best to maintain
excellent communication on an ongoing basis.

To better understand the application process, please review the information listed on the
right hand side of this page.

Please click the Submit button below to send your application to us. You will receive a
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The Starfish Fund
P.O. Box 304
Litchfield, ME 04350
T: 207-
Application Schedule
Applications are
accepted during the
months of January,
April, July and October.

Applications must be
received by 5pm EST
on the closing day of
the application month
(example: by 5pm EST
July 31st) to be

Applications received
in months other than
January, April, July and
October will be held
and then accepted into
the next available
application period for

Status of Application
Applications are
reviewed the month
following. Each
applicant will be
notified of their
application status per
the following timetable:

Applications made in
January will be notified
of status in March.

Applications made in
April will be notified of
status in June.

Applications made in
July will be notified in

Applications made in
October will be notified
in December.

Specific Details
If you are planning to
use The Starfish Fund
to start a new
business, please
include a detailed
business plan with
your application.

Those chosen for The
Starfish Fund are
encouraged to make
their 10% contributions
on a monthly basis
beginning no later than
30 days after they
receive their check
from The Starfish fund.

Participation or past
participation in the
"What One Person
Can Do" program is a
requirement for those
chosen. To learn more
about the "What One
Person Can Do"
program, please

Working with a coach
on a regular basis is
also a requirement.
Coaching typically
takes place over the
phone. A session is
usually one hour in
length. Coaching
frequency varies. In
some cases it may be
one hour per week and
in others is may be
one hour per month.
Coaching is goal
oriented and designed
to support participants
in achieving their goals.

If you have any
questions about
submitting an
application, please
contact us.